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TD Ameritrade

TD AMERITRADE has been providing brokerage services since 1975. As an Registered Investment Advisor, Premier Estate Planners has established a relationship with TD Ameritrade Institutional to insure world class service for its clients.


AssetMark helps advisors create great outcomes for clients. Their turnkey asset management program approaches this mission from every angle. Their investment management services helps tackle volatile markets with confidence.

Charles Regan Shaw and Associates, P.L.C.

The Law Offices of Charles Regan Shaw and Associates, P.L.C. specialize in complete estate planning services including wills, trusts, power of attorney, and acting as patient advocate. Proper estate planning minimizes potential taxes and fees and helps set up legally effective arrangements to have distribution objectives met and make sure that all concerns are addressed. More importantly, it brings peace of mind knowing that loved ones will be taken care of.

Clark Capital Management Group

Founded in 1986, Clark Capital Management Group is a family and employee owned Independent Investment Advisory firm providing institutional-quality investment solutions to individual investors, corporations, foundations, and retirement plans.

Dunham & Associates

Dunham & Associates works with financial advisors to create and deliver highly-disciplined wealth management solutions combined with access to some of the industry's top tier institutional money managers whose expertise is typically not available to the public through other retail mutual fund platforms.

Edelman Financial Engines

Premier Estate Planners, Uses the Edelman Managed Asset Program® to benefit our clients. Some of the features to this program include:

  • Extensive Diversification* — The Edelman Managed Asset Program® features many asset allocation models. But which model (or   combination of models) is right for you?

  • Market-Based Asset Allocation Models* — EMAP models avoid substantial turnover by emphasizing market-based (not manager-based) investments.

  • Institutional Mutual Funds and ETFs — You’ll have access to institutional mutual funds used by some of the nation's largest institutional investors. EMAP also uses exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which like institutional funds, are quite inexpensive.

  • No Commission - Just One Annual Fee — Unlike those who charge the same annual management fee to every client regardless of how much you invest, your EMAP fee is based on the value of your account. The more you invest, and the higher your account value grows, the lower your rate — potentially providing valuable savings to you. And with EMAP, you never pay any commissions, brokerage fees or trading costs.**

  • Strategic Rebalancing Daily Review* — Every client's account is examined on a daily basis to identify opportunities for rebalancing. Once the need is identified, your model will be rebalanced automatically. This helps manage your risks and your performance.

  • Dynamic Security Selection — The universe of investments is constantly reviewed for opportunity. If a superior alternative is found, it can be swiftly incorporated into your asset allocation model.



Nationwide  began in 1937 to offer pioneering products in the variable annuity industry. Nationwide investment products are rich in opportunities, low cost, yet high in real value.

Retirement Management Systems

Founded in 1987, Retirement Management Systems Inc. was established to help individuals manage their 401(k) and other defined contribution assets that are offered by employers. This unique services provides an added layer of advise regarding your corporate sponsored investment program.

Wellesley Investment Advisors

Founded in 1991 Wellesley Investment Advisors, Inc. was created based on the principle of Limited Risk Investing. Limited Risk Investing involves the melding of two seemingly contradictory goals -- maximizing returns and protecting principal. Limited Risk Investing combines participation in the long-term appreciation potential of growth assets, such as stocks, with the protection of principal.